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Players can place Kelly in skill slot for movement speed and elite Kelly for additional damage. To whom you want to share the ability are you talking about any other character for putting the alok skill into the other characters than for that you have to open the skill slots of that character and in that skill slot you have to go in active skill slot there you will get alok ability to drop the beat and you have to select in that characters skill slot But I will recommend you to use only.

Guide For Garena Free Fire Best Character Combination

You can not have free DJ Alok or Free Hayato from these diamonds.

Skill slot alok. In Free Fire players can merge different abilities by buying skill slots. These skills can only be equipped on characters without another fixed Active skill. This is a skill that you need to try.

Combine the Alok Drop The Beat ability with Kelly Dash Run. Active skills that can be filled in in the skill slot can already be used on the Advanced Server. Then you need to click it and then a skill drop down menu will come alongside.

Also it enhances its allies speed. There is 3 skill slot in every character but most of the new player uses only one because they didnt notice that. The best skill slot in ranked is KELLYPALOMAALOKJAI THERE ARE MORE CHANCES TO DO.

Kelly Joseph Hayato Alok. Players can further purchase skill slots and combine multiple abilities. DJ Alok is a character in the game.

As of today pre-OB21 upgrade it is okay to state that Alok is among the greatest choices as a principal character. Alok is probably the most versatile character in-game currently.

Suppose you want to share the abillity with any other character like kelly then first you need to purchase a skill slot of Kelly. Passive skills are automatically activated at their own given conditions. In this combo DJ Aloks active skill plays a major role.

Kelly The Swift versi awakening dari Kelly Memiliki skill yang bernama Deadly Velocity yaitu mampu meningkatkan damage pada musuh di tembakan pertama setelah berlari selama beberapa detik skill Kelly The Swift tentu saja cocok untuk Luqueta yang memang harus barbar. Kelly Rafael Laura Miguel. If not damaged the vest increases the level up to 3.

Sobat Booyah bisa mengisi slot skill Luqueta. This combination is good. But for those of you who still dont know which slot skills to fill here are the combinations you can use.

Please subscribe now or like and share dj_alok updateob19 freefire free fire new character dj alok full details. Kelly The Swift Sumber. Free Fire best character combination 4.

Repair the vest with each kill. Tetapi bagi kalian yang masih bingung harus mengisi skill slot seperti apa berikut adalah kombinasi yang bisa kalian gunakan. So characters with active skills like Alok cannot be used to fill skill slots.

But there is good news for Buddy Booyah. Strong and suitable slot skills. Buddy Booyah can now fill skill slots with active skills when using passive skill characters.

Drop The Beat level 6 akan membuat aura yang bisa meningkatkan kecepatan berlari sebanyak 15 dan memberikan 5HP untuk 10 detik dengan jarak 5m. Then its abillity will be equiped. Untuk mengisi skill slot yang cocok dan kuat skill utama bisa pakai dari skill aktif yaitu Alok atau Jota sedangkan skill utama yang dipakai dari skill pasif bisa Maxim Kelly Kapella atau Notora.

Here are the top 5 combinations for Alok in Free Fire. 1Upgrade lah skill Alok bernama Drop The Beat ke level 6. Wolfrahhs ability is one of the best skill slot in Free Fire Sverr A124Alok Miguel Any 1 skill Sverr the new character in OB24 has an ability to sacrifice 30 HP for 20 bonus damage – this is massively powerful and when combined with.

List of the top 5. This ability is fixed to the character. But you have to unlock those slots.

For skill combination we should have one Active Skill character such as Alok k or Chrono. The best skill slot is HAYOTOJOSEPHKELLYCHRONO IN CLASHSQUAD. To fill a suitable and strong skill slot the main skill of active skills can be used namely Alok or Iota while the main skills of passive skills can be Maxim Kelly Kapella or Notora.

Add the Jota Sustained Raids skill at level 6 this skill can restore 40 HP with a CD time of 5 seconds when using SMG or Shoutgun. These are some of the best and most useful skill combinations in Free Fire for the beginning of 2020. Whenever the player is short of speed and health its ability can enhance it.

In other skill slots players can use Jotas ability to restore HP because his ability restore up to 40 hp if user kill enemies with SMG or shotgun. In this article we discuss the 5 best Free Fire character combinations without DJ Alok. DJ Alok is an insanely popular character that is seen in almost every squad.

Moving on to Kelly its ability Dash acts as a solid speed. Paloma Hayato Kelly Alok Palomas Arms-dealing skill that carries AR ammo without taking up space and Hayatos Bushido that increases armor penetration is a good combination for mid and long-range players who prefer to take shots far away from the enemy. Dash rune at level 6 gives you an additional 6 movement speed.

Then the thing you need to do is click on the skill of DJ Alok whichs name is Drop the Beast. Likewise the characters all have different abilities and skills that players can use on the battlegrounds. Creates an aura that increases speed and heals both the character and teammates.

Mengulas Seputar Top Kombinasi Skill FF Karakter Untuk Rusher Terbaik 2020 Kombinasi Skill Alok Kelly Hayato Jota Kapella Moco Miguel Shani A124 Rafael Caroline Wukong Paloma Maxim Kla Antonio Misha Nikita Olivia Andrew Ford Wolfrahh Steffie Notara Alvaro Joseph Laura Eve dan Adam. A character can only have 1 active skill at once. DJ Aloks Drop the beat Kellys Dash Josephs Nutty Movement Klas Muay Thai.

Play Best Character In Free Fire 2020 After Ob19 Skill Combination 4. Active skills need to be pressed manually in order to activate. All of this combined with Aloks healing makes this a great combination for tactical short-range players.

His Drop the Beat skill generates an aura that increases ally movement speed by 10 percent and restores five HP per second for five minutes which makes him powerful if playing solo or in a squad. Rafaels Dead Silent skill that hide the user on the minimap and Lauras Sharp Shooter extra accuracy this is probably the best skill combination in Free Fire for a sniper.

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